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We are your experts in forced air furnace repair? With up to a 10 year guarantee on just about everything we do you can reassured that you will only have to invest once in any repair we help you with.

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Repair is what we do Heat exchanger problem and rusty heat exchanger every day

Over the last few decades I have gotten to know a considerable number of service technicians and have gotten to know many of my competitors. Most of these competitors and most of those services technicians were primarily bent on one thing, changing out that old furnace.

While many times changing out an old furnace is the proper thing to do and in most application when the furnace breaks and is in excess of 10 or 15 years old the proper thing to do would be to replaced it, I don’t believe that you should not be given a choice.

If your furnace can be made safe to operate and you would rather have it repaired and not take advantage of the safety and energy saving features of the newer furnaces, then that is your wish. Your wishes is what we are in business for. Many, many service technicians will simple tell you that your furnace needs to be replaced when in fact it can either be repaired or replaced.

If you are not given the options, not given the education necessary to make an educated intelligent choice, then that choice has been taken away from you and I think that you have suffered and injustice. We here at The Empire Family of Services, Empire Plumbing, Empire Heating and Air Conditioning and Empire Electric will give you the options and council you on the pluses and minuses of the options that are available.

Our job is make your problem go away, not make it worse. With The Empire Family of Servicdes you become part of the family. You can trust us. We back up every furnace repair, every heater repair with rock solid guarantees second to none at no cost to you.

Home air duct repair, home air ducting repair

Proper furnace repairing is a skillElectrical short circuit in a heater

Proper and long  lasting furnace repairing is a learned skill. Our employee have extensive training in the proper repair techniques. Part of their heating and cooling school regime is attending factory classes so that the repairs made are inline with what the factory mandates.

Since The Empire Family of Services started in 1992 I have hired several hundred employees. Of those employees, not a single one had all the skill necessary to properly fix heating systems and repair the electrical portions of those heaters. Nearly everyone of them was simple a “find the problem and replace it technician.”

Finding the problem is generally very simple to do, but finding out why the problem occurred in the first is a little more complicated. In order to discover the real furnace problem and not just Band-Aid the current problem requires real training. Sure, replacing parts can fix the solution, sometimes, but blind part replacement is what the other guys do. We have all had cars that were repaired and parts added only to break down again and again until the real problem is addressed. We don’t want you to repeat these problems..

That is why we are the only company in the area that actually trains our service technicians in all the skills required to perform their job to perfection. We back up this promise of professional skills with rock solid guarantees. Nearly every single one of the repairs we make comes with up to a 10 years parts and labor guarantee.

The picture shows 120v wires hanging from a furnace in an attic. These were left that way by the last service technician. The other picture shows water damages from an improper flue installation.

Home air duct repair, home air ducting repair

Newer furnaces are more complicated

Furnace Electrical Repair, Heater Electrical RepairThe newer and more efficient the furnace is the more complicated the electrical controls are going to be. The older furnaces did not have all the safety controls that the newest furnaces have. A new furnace is many times safer to operate and much more efficient than a furnace even as little as 10 years ago.

These furnaces can come with 1 stage, 2 stage and 3 stage gas valves, variable speed motors, circuit board with relays for humidity control, air cleaning and zone controls. The picture shows a single stage furnace with controls for humidity and air cleaning. That furnace is fully functioning and is located in our dedicated classroom. A three stage furnace with variable speed will have about three times as many wires going to it.

The days of a plumber or handyman fixing your furnace as gone.

And that is a good thing. Skill furnace repairmen and repairwomen are specialized in what they do and this means a much higher degree of competence. Many times we have taken plumbers that were fixing the older furnaces, wall furnaces, floor furnaces and forced air furnaces and trained them to become HVAC service technicians. A successful through plumber can learn HVAC. Our average HVAC technician has more than 15 years experience in repairing furnaces, installing furnaces and fixing ducting issues.

This means your furnace will be fixed correctly the first time. Skilled help and seasoned professionals are the technicians that you deserve. Why use a compny that uses your furnace, your family and your budget as their training ground? Call us, we care.

Home air duct repair, home air ducting repair

Sometimes a furnace cannot be repaired

Cracked Heat Exchanger, Cracked FireboxThis picture shows the results of over firing and a crack in the firebox. Cracked heat exchangers can be replaced if a new heat exchanger can be located. In most cases the furnace is more than 10 years old and there is no replacement heat exchanger.

Heat exchangers or fireboxes cannot be welded when they have cracks. The reason they cannot be welded is that the weld is a different metal than the firebox and will have different expansion and contraction characteristics. The different expanding and contracting will cause the heat exchanger crack again right along side of the weld. Welds are also not factory approved repairs.

Over the years I have seen auto body filler used, fiberglass used, epoxy used and even silicone used to cover up and repair a crack in a heat exchanger. They never work and they cause a very dangerous situation. Fire is the number concern involved with cracked fireboxes and cracking heat exchangers. Carbon monoxide is a very real concern as well, but once the heat exchanger cracks, the blower assembly can blow the flames right out of the burner area as shown the picture and catch the home on fire.

All heat exchanger cracks and flame roll outs are dangerous. This is one of the many reasons why your furnace should be tuned up every year. We can catch those small problems and fix them for you long before they ever become big ones.

The number one reason for furnace breakdown is lack of ordinary maintenance. A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Give Empire a call for the cure. We are here to help.

Home air duct repair, home air ducting repair

Proper service techniques and service procedures can save lives

Rheem furnace with a cracked heat exchangerThis is a one year Rheem furnace. This problem was caused by a factory defect. Not all furnaces are created equal and this one is particularly problem some. You cannot see the firebox destruction through the front of the furnace. The circuit board and blower assembly must be removed in order to inspect the firebox during a tune up or check up to fully evaluate the conditioning of the heat exchanger.

All of our tune ups require our service professionals to remove the blower assembly to physically check the condition of the heat exchanger. This helps to save lives. Removing the blower assembly in just about all furnaces is an investigative technique used by all season professional HVAC service technicians.

Carrier Furnace with a cracked heat exchanger

This is a rusted out Carrier furnace. When a furnace starts getting older, and this one is older, the stresses of day to day operations can impact the safety of the heater. This was a good furnace, it did it’s job, it heated, it cooled and it filtered the air. It did this for more than twenty years until the firebox rusted through.

The rusted through firebox caused a flame roll out and that is why the front of the furnace is burned up. The fire department put the fire out. The water damage wasn’t much, but the smoke damage to the home was extensive costing many thousands of dollars to repair. Regular maintenance would have caught the condition of the firebox long before it did damage.

Have your heating professionally inspected every year.

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